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Ron Gold, Host Allison Brecher, co-host

My guests from the award-winning non-profit newsroom, New Food Economy, dig deep into complex issues surrounding the supply chain and other forces that affect what we eat. Their provocative, yet entirely relatable, form of journalism will bring a new level of awareness about your food choices. Learn more about them here and more in our second half. You can subscribe to their bi-weekly newsletter at  

Patient Airlift Services changes lives everyday by providing airlift transportation to patients and veterans in need of quality medical care. You can help PALS expand its reach by participating in its virtual fundraiser - - a raffle to win the trip of a lifetime to Tuscany (with personal chef, tennis, pool, villa, it goes on an on) for you and twenty guests (and if you don't have twenty friends, you will if you are the lucky winner). Purchase your tickets at and learn more about this incredible lifeline for so many in need here.

When parents suspect their child has a developmental delay,  getting the right early screening and medical care can be daunting. Docs for Tots connects pediatricians with early childhood practitioners and resources to improve children's health and get the most benefits from existing policies and programs. Docs for Tots also helps new mothers who may be suffering with postpartum depression. 

Our guests, Melissa Passarelli and Dr. Liz Isakson, discuss the critical questions parents should ask their pediatricians to know they are getting quality screening for their child. They also discuss how to know the signs of postpartum depression so that new moms can get the help they need. 

Go to to learn more about Docs for Tots and its programs and resources. Click on the links to listen to part one and part two of our interview. 

Navigating the legal system can be intimidating, especially for women dealing with domestic or immigration matters. Her Justice is celebrating 25 years of helping women with those and many other legal issues, with free help lines, mentorship programs, and walk-in clinics. Find out more at and you can learn about their incredible work here and here. here. 

Runners take note - -HerJustice also offers sponsorship opportunities so that your friends can support your marathon goals while fundraising to support a great cause. 

Maddie Kramer was only three years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. This brave little girl never let cancer destroy her positivity, joy, and love for dancing even through the most grueling days of chemotherapy. Her parents, Scott and Pammy Kramer, memorialized their journey in an incredible, heartwarming blog-turned-book Maddie's Miracles. They also started a foundation in her memory, Dancing While Cancering, to transform the sterile hospital experience and bring joy to other children undergoing cancer treatment. You will never forget the Kramer family's story of love, laughter, and heartbreak; listen here and here. Inspired to do more? Consider joining Dancing While Cancering and donating a Smile Pack to a pediatric cancer patient in need.  


Lauren Altschiler has turned a debilitating auto-immune condition into an obsession with helping her patients - - and growing Instagram following -- understand the connection between healthy eating and pain management. She shares creative recipes and practical advice with our listeners. Listen here and even more ideas here

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is the rare, devastating disease that few people have heard of, but listen to these stories and you will understand why some patients call it the "suicide disease." Hear from these brave women who don't let CRPS stop them from raising awareness and trying to find a cure. Find out more at

I'm honored to have the husband and wife nonprofit team of Colleen and James Regan on the show. James founded Lodestar Children's Services, which gives parents a new choice in providers for children suffering from mental illness, from in-home care to comprehensive support; listen here. 

Colleen co-founded Long Island Children's Choir, an extraordinary children's choir that provides top music education, high profile performance opportunities and - bonus - raises funds for local children's charities. Children of all ages can audition to be a part of the special organization, find out more here and

Women undergoing treatment for breast and gynecological cancers don't have to suffer alone. The Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition is there for you with everything from transportation to appointments, help around the house, and even a scholarship fund for high school seniors. Learn more and reach out

Hear more here and here