Welcome To The Nonprofit Voice

Long Island’s nonprofit agencies now have a special platform to speak about issues affecting the special needs and behavioral health communities on a local news radio show called The Nonprofit Voice.

Our hosts are Ron Gold, CEO of Marketing Works and PR Specialist to The Non Profit Industry, and Allison Brecher, an attorney and former FOX News reporter. Ron interviews major agencies and Allison profiles women leaders in the nonprofit field.

Aside from highlighting agencies that offer programs and services to individuals with special needs or behavioral health issues, The Nonprofit Voice also features major Long Island agencies that continually strive to help renew, rebuild and improve our local communities.


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Listen LIVE From Islip's MacArthur Airport Saturdays from 8:00am - 9:00 am

Marketing Works PR

Specializing in the nonprofit niche, Marketing Works PR was established in 2002 by noted New York public relations and marketing specialist Ron Gold.

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